Q How is Africa Ministry Partners organized?

A AMP is a nonprofit corporation in California. The primary mission of the organization is to provide direct aid to carefully selected ministries in Africa (and particularly Zambia, Rwanda, and the DR Congo) that are engaged in Jesus-centric ministry in economically challenged communities. The organization is governed by a three-person board of directors comprised of a chairperson, secretary, and treasurer.

Q Why Zambia, Rwanda, and the DR Congo?

A A couple of reasons. (1) The needs are great. Zambia and the DR Congo are two of the least developed nations in the world and poverty is widespread in spite of great potential. Rwanda is on the verge of becoming a middle income country but it’s still healing from the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis. (2) We just love these places and people.

Q How much of the gift actually gets to the ministry?

A All of the gift goes to the ministries in Africa. In the future, a maximum of 10% might be used for overhead costs such as wire transfer fees and travel expenses to, from, and within Africa. If a project becomes fully funded, gifts toward it may be redirected at the discretion of the board of directors to other projects mentioned on the website.

Q Are my gifts tax deductible?

A Yes. Africa Ministry Partners is a 501(c)(3) organization and has been recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt (ID #31954).

Q Is my financial data secure?

A Yes. Africa Ministry Partners does not store financial information such as credit card numbers but we rely on Stripe and MoonClerk to collect and process payments using encryption and industry-standard AES-256 protocols for protecting confidential data.

Q Can you tell me something about the AMP founder?

A  Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Rory Randall has lived in the Pasadena area of Southern California since 1986. He has an M.Div. and Th.M. degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary and finished a Ph.D. in Renewal Studies from Regent University in 2015. He has taught biblical studies at Azusa Pacific University (near Los Angeles, CA), the Theological College of Central Africa (Ndola, Zambia), Life Pacific College (San Dimas, CA), and theology at Kaniki Bible University College (Ndola, Zambia). His tenth trip to Africa was in June, 2019.